Growing Families International is a global community of parents linked together by common values, beliefs and noble outcomes. Defined by an unwavering commitment to create for children a world of love, innocence, security and fairness, the Growing Families community views parenting as a sacred trust, established by God for the welfare of children and society.

As a values-based parenting ministry, we are a team of volunteer families whose local community goals are to emphasize the importance of moral education and to help equip parents in teaching their children not only to learn moral lessons, but to internalize those values and translate them into positive behavior. We minister from a Christian Worldview, offering practical parenting classes that focus on everyday family situations starting with early childhood (birth to age 3) and continuing through all age ranges:  preschool to elementary (ages 3 to 8); middle school (ages 8 to 12) and high school (ages 13-18).  In addition, we connect like-minded parents through community events and provide class support for local leaders and churches.

Interested in finding a class, need help in leading a class, have questions about parenting or event details?  Please email us here.