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Testimonials from other parents

"As a grandparent, I attended a Growing Kids God's Way class with my daughter.  The
conversations that resulted from taking the class together were such a
blessing to me.  I am so grateful to have a common understanding of how my
adult children approach parenting.  I see now what used to be "common sense"
in child-rearing is no longer the case.  Even well-educated, church-going
parents can be at a lost with what standard to raise their children by.
Today's parents have to be very proactive and consciously instill moral
character into their children.  In light of this understanding,  I feel much
more confident in my role as a grandparent.  My grandchildren are a delight
to me and I see how much effort my daughter and son-in-law put into training
them.  I am forever grateful for the knowledge and insight  I have gained as
a result of taking this class.  It is priceless!"    -Ann from Wellington, OH

"Growing Kids God's Way classes really helped my husband and me look at
parenting in a whole different light. Raising our kids with the "moral
reason why" has been so powerful in our parenting and the results are so
obvious. Equally important was the difference it made in our marriage. It
is so great to have parents that are on the same page when it comes to
training kids. This is a time investment that will surely pay you back
eternally."    -Sherry from Brunswick, OH

"My husband and I went through The Toddlerhood Transition several years ago and the series offered many helpful suggestions that we've used with all three of our children. We are grateful for (our small group leaders) sharing many of their experiences, and for the parenting examples given in both the Toddler series and in Growing Kids God's Way.  For parents wanting to dig deeper in God's word, the Growing Kids God's Way series gives many, many Scripture references that can be applied to real life parent-child situations. It has been very practical and challenging for us."    -Naomi from Oberlin, OH

"The Preparation for Parenting and the Preparation for Toddler Years courses provided me and my husband great opportunities to discuss what our views and approaches would be for various parenting topics that we would have otherwise not talked about until it was too late.  It was helpful to be equipped with common understanding and agreement on important issues so that we could parent together instead of against 
each other."      -Lydia from Amherst, OH 

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